Most of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about our soap, but for many, it is part of our first experience in the morning, or the last. Shouldn’t we use the finest, safest ingredients? Shouldn’t this experience not only leave us clean, but also give us a bit of indulgence?  We say YES!

Our first batches of soap were handmade in our small rural kitchen in Alabama, nearly 20 years ago. Made from oatmeal, they were very basic, very gentle cleansing bars- they weren’t so pretty, but they provided a great lather and we didn’t have to worry about nasty ingredients.

Through the years, we began to change our recipe. It became more sophisticated, and more fun. We learned not only about what we wanted to keep out of our soap, but began to learn about those things that would give us a luxurious, spa-like experience at home.

Bath Bomb Lady was officially established in 2016.

Today, goat milk and kombucha have become the defining, unique attributes of our soap line. We don’t believe you will find a more beautiful, lathering, moisturizing, amazing bar of soap. ¬†Each of our foaming, moisture-rich bath bombs and soaps are made by hand in small batches, to ensure that the highest quality spa products can be delivered right to your door!

Bath Bomb Lady has changed through the years.

Our product line is now created at The Lambert Estate and has grown to include bath bombs, exfoliating products, and face masks. We are constantly researching products, ingredients, and ideas.

Our soap and bath bombs are created by women for women, (but some of our favorite customers also include men!). Bath Bomb Lady is all about providing a natural, luxurious bath experience- but with a kick of glitter and fun! We are “girly-girl” bunch of women.

*EVERY* woman deserves to feel glamorous, and *EVERY* woman deserves a touch of luxury in her life!

Bath Bomb Lady has now also grown into an exciting business for women looking to make money from their own homes.

We provide the sales experience and our proven product line. These women can experience success at a rate completely dependent on how far they wish to grow their own business.

There are no minimum orders. No commitments.

We support our team every step of the way. (If YOU are interested in this opportunity, please email for information!)

Our customer experience is our highest priority.  We are here to answer questions, or help you design a perfect gift package for someone special.

You can “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and view our product demonstrations on YouTube.

We also create custom gift baskets for the luxury loving individual in your life, with a variety of options available for every price range. Simply send us an email so that we can begin working on your custom spa experience!